Sinnoh Forums Official Rules ~~Please Read~~

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Sinnoh Forums Official Rules ~~Please Read~~

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:26 pm

1. No spamming.
Spam is the act of posting messages that are not needed. Here are some tips for you to remember how not to spam!

• Stay on topic.
This kind of ties with the spam rule, but basically this is self explanatory. 
For example, if you posted in a topic called “Dogs”, you must incorporate something about dogs in your post, not about the peanut butter sandwich you ate two years ago.
Now, you can talk about that sandwich as long as it incorporates dogs in the story.

• No double posting.
Double posting means you may not post right after a post you just made in a specific thread (a thread is the same as a topic). You must wait for someone else to reply before you can make another post.

• No Bumping.
Bumping is when you post on a topic that is old. If you post in a topic that is older than a month, you will be warned. You are aloud to Bump topics that are special threads such as Stickies and Announcements. You can also bump threads if you have a reason to bump it.

Example of a reason to bump a thread:
Let's say a user is working on a wallpaper and posts a thread to keeps the users updated with his/her progress. One day, this user decides to take a break from this project for two months. When the user comes back to post in the 2 month old topic, it is not breaking the bumping rule.
Please use your common sense with this exception.

Even though this was covered in the SPAM acronym, this is a rule we will enforce much more. If the post does not benefit the topic in any way, please do not post it! An example of a pointless post is this.
User 1: Someone, please enlarge this picture for me. Thanks!
User 2: Sorry, I don't know how.

If any of us staff see that, you will be given a warning. You will be given an infraction for every time after. 

2. No advertising.
Advertising is the act of promoting another website through these forums in this case.
If you post links to other sites that are not either (1) a search engine, such as Yahoo and Google, or (2) YouTube, that is considered advertising. However, you may advertise in your signature, which appears at the bottom of each of your posts, which is separated from a post by a horizontal line. Any websites that are for user reference, education or assistance will be allowed, and links that act as provisional aspects of a thread are also permitted, but staff will closely monitor the content of these websites to ensure that the user is not posting to increase the popularity or success of another website without our permission.

3. No flaming.
Flaming is the act of expressing a feeling of dislike. Online, flaming is expressed through using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or using too many exclamation marks. Please be careful about what you say because you will be penalized if you flame. Being disrespectful to users is a form of flaming. So, please be respectful to all users, new and old. This rule applies to posts, PMs, and both chat-rooms. 

4. No inappropriate content/pictures.
Do not link to any site or have a picture or post a comment that contains adult content, sexually oriented material or might otherwise be considered offensive.

5. No bribing/asking for a position in the staff.
If you bribe or ask for a position in the staff, you will be warned. If we need staff, we will hire them ourselves.

6. On-the-Spot Rules.
The staff has the right to make rules on the spot if need be. They do not need to specifically be in these rules. Also, the administrators will be making sure that moderators and other administrators do not make rules that are unfair. If they do, they will be penalized for their actions.

7. Hacking
Please no talking about hacking. No hacking discussion any hack threats will result in a ban.

9. Illegal Content
Distribution of warez, cracks, serials or illegally obtained copyrighted content is not allowed on this forum. This means no giving links to music files, video files, and other stuff that is not legally yours.

10. Multiple Accounts
On this forum, you can have one account and no more. There is no reason that you should have to create more than one account. If you forget your password, there is a way to retrieve it through your e-mail. If you are caught using more than one account, you will be banned from the forum. If you have a brother or sister on the forum, please notify us so we know you are not double accounting.

11. Sharing Accounts
You are not allowed to share an account with another user even if that other user is banned or not. 

12. Plagiarism
We do not allow you to plagiarize on this forum. Only share what is yours. You will be  warned for posting something that is not yours.

13. Signature And Avatar Limits
If you avatar or signature is too big, we will pm you asking you to resize it. If you refuse to, we will delete it. It is recommended you do the removal because you will be able to take out what you do not like in your signature. 

14. No Cussing/Swear Words
Swearing and cussing is not aloud on this forum. Using inappropriate language will result in an infraction.

15. Private Messaging/IM's Permission
You may not post a private message unless you have permission from the user.
You may send it to one of the Staff members if necessary.
As for IM's, you may not post any chat history without permission from the user(s)/Staff.

16. No Backseat Moderating
This is when a user tells another user that he/she is breaking a rule. This is considered spam because staff members are the only ones with the permissions to punish a user for breaking the forum rules. If you catch a user breaking the rules, report it to the staff instead by using the report system.

If everyone on the forums follow these simple steps, we will have a great forum going!

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